Second Lesson: family


In this lesson we learn family members.


Jim and Bess are married. They are husband and wife.

Jim is Bess’s husband. Bess is Jim’s wife.


Jim and Bess have two (grown) children: Mary and Ed.

Mary is their daughter, Ed is their son.

Jim and Bess are the parents of Mary and Ed.


Ed and Mary are brother and sister.

Ed is Mary’s younger brother*.

Mary is Ed’s older sister.


Mary has a husband: Larry.

Mary and Larry have a daughter: Emma.

They also have a son: Jacob.


Larry is not the son of Jim and Bess.

However, they are relatives, because he is married to their daughter, Mary.

Jim is Larry’s “father in law”. Bess is Larry’s “mother in law”.


Ed is married to Sarah.

Ed is Sarah’s husband and Sarah is Ed’s wife.


Ed and Sarah have two children, Tony and Tommy.

They are both sons, because they are both male. Tony and Tommy are brothers.


Mary, who is Ed’s sister, is the aunt of Tony and Tommy.

Larry is their uncle.

Tony and Tommy are Mary’s nephews.


Ed is the uncle of Emma and Jacob.

Sarah is their aunt.

Emma and Jacob are Ed’s nephews.


For Emma, Jacob, Tony and Tommy, Jim and Bess are grandfather and grandmother.

Emma, Jacob, Tony and Tommy are the grandchildren of Jim and Bess.


Emma and Jacob are cousins with Tony and Tommy. Both males and females are cousins.


*Some languages, such as standard Chinese, have different words for older and younger brothers and sisters. In English, brother (or sister) can mean both the older and the younger one.



Ann is my mother. I am her ………

Bob is my brother. Ann is his …………

Ann has a ………… . We are her nephews.


How many brothers do you have? How many sisters?


Practice, and see you next lesson!



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